Wind Turbine

Renewable Energy Procurement

Renewable Energy is in high demand; we create solutions that reduce emissions, secure green gas and electricity contracts, offset carbon and support your environmental objectives.
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Environmental Management Strategies


Implementation of the ISO environmental management system provides an internationally recognised framework that will demonstrate a commitment to environmental best practice within your organisation.
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Carbon Reporting and Benchmarking Schemes


There is considerable reputational benefit associated with participation in this global benchmarking scheme which provides a clear indication of performance against peers and enables you to positively engage with key stakeholders.

Carbon Disclosure Project

87% of companies responding to CDP identified business opportunities; 67% reported a higher return on equity. We can support you in identifying opportunities to enhance the bottom line of your business whilst satisfying stakeholder demands for transparency and accountability.

Carbon Reporting

If you are not able to accurately report on your carbon footprint as a business you run the risk of isolating key stakeholders. We can assist you in reporting accurate data and implementing a strategy to reduce costs, enhance reputation and mitigate the risk of non-compliance with legislative requirements.

Non-Financial Reporting

Your business may be obliged to meet legislative reporting criteria, failure to do so can result in financial penalties and reputational damage. We support you in obtaining sustainability data that can be used to improve efficiency, reduce costs and become compliant.
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Stakeholder Engagement

Engagement Strategies

Most energy strategies fail due to a fundamental lack of buy-in from those that stand to gain most from its success. In order to realise true financial and reputational benefit, it is critical that you facilitate behavioural change and communicate success with all relevant stakeholders.
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Water Conservation

Water Audits

Typically up to 20% savings can be identified by retrofitting relevant water saving technologies identified through audits, as well as using effective data monitoring to detect and rectify leaks.
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