Carbonxgen Champions Girls in Sports through Sandhurst Warriors Under 13 Football Team Sponsorship

by | Feb 15, 2024 | All News, Latest News

Carbonxgen proudly supports the Sandhurst Warriors Under 13 football team, a sponsorship deeply aligned with our company values. With an all-female board guiding our decisions, we understand the significant influence of championing girls in sports.

We proudly announce this partnership as we celebrated Women in Sport Day, on February 7th, it signifies more than just a sponsorship for us. It’s about providing a platform for fostering leadership, teamwork, and empowerment among the youth. Carly Wyatt, Director at Carbonxgen, emphasises, “This sponsorship is a testament to the values we hold dear – perseverance, dedication, and pushing boundaries.”

Our sponsorship offers an opportunity for young individuals to develop life skills that go beyond the game itself. Coach Robbie Hawkins said “I’m really proud of my team and appreciate Carbonxgen for supporting our journey. The sponsorship emphasises the valuable life skills our young girls are learning through their involvement in sports, enriching their experiences both on and off the field.”

We will be following the journey of the Sandhurst Warriors Under 13 football team, throughout the season and will consistently share updates and celebrate the ongoing impact and success they are making both on and off the field.