That are tailored to your unique requirements, driven by sustainability, and focused on achieving your goals

At Carbonxgen, we recognise that each client has their own distinct needs and requirements. Our procurement team is dedicated to gaining a thorough understanding of your objectives, desired outcomes, and what you aim to achieve.

We engage in meaningful conversations with suppliers, understanding the crucial aspects that matter the most. By understanding the objectives of both our clients and their customers, we ensure that any procurement solution we provide meets everyone’s needs.

At Carbonxgen, we pride ourselves on acting as true partners to both our clients and suppliers. As the intermediary, we facilitate open discussions and meetings, involving all parties to ensure the right solution is achieved for everyone involved. We understand your objectives, preferences, and requirements, incorporating them into our interactions with suppliers. Our collaborative approach guarantees that we deliver precisely what our clients need.

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In today’s evolving market landscape, we understand that simply negotiating the lowest price is no longer sufficient. We negotiate terms and conditions, particularly in scenarios where usage may fluctuate, such as during refurbishments or delayed occupancy. Our expertise lies in working with managing agents and the property sector, leveraging the relationships we’ve cultivated with numerous suppliers over the years. Through close collaboration, we strive to fulfil the needs of both our clients and suppliers, while addressing the growing demand for sustainable practices and achieving net-zero goals.

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There is a growing curiosity and understanding of the energy market, the factors influencing it, and the need to embrace the net-zero journey. This Global shift in focus has permitted every level, right down to individual tenants, reflecting the increased awareness and desire to make a positive impact.

Case studies

Gas portfolio recovery and supply management

Gas portfolio recovery and supply management

Carbonxgen’s swift recovery of gas portfolio amid market volatility

Centralised water procurement: BNPPRE''s success

Centralised water procurement: BNPPRE”s success

Revamping water procurement: BNPPRE strategic centralisation drives operational excellence

Credit secured for overseas portfolio with no security deposits

Credit secured for overseas portfolio with no security deposits

Ashdown Phillips & Partners (AP&P) has a mid-volume portfolio with a significant credit hurdle due to the majority of its landlords being registered overseas. Since covid, market conditions had been tough with energy suppliers taking a firmer view on risk requiring security deposits or in some cases refusing to quote for overseas portfolios.

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Embracing SECR compliance will unlock the power of data.


We provide advanced metering solutions that cover all types of meters, resulting in improved energy management.


Simplifying your showcasing of environmentally friendly credentials


Manage your energy, comply with regulation and cut your costs.


Become compliant and optimise your savings.

Choose Carbonxgen for procurement services that are tailored to your unique requirements, driven by sustainability, and focused on achieving your goals. Contact us today to discuss how we can support your procurement journey.

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Whether you need help cutting costs, support with compliance or are on your journey to Net-Zero, Carbonxgen is here to help you reach and exceed your goals.

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