by | Dec 6, 2023 | All News, Latest News

When BNP Paribas Real Estate faced contract expirations, they turned to us, their trusted partner for 20 years. Leveraging our strong relationships, we secured contracts swiftly, even during market unpredictability.

Our agile approach ensured a smooth transition to a new supplier within a week, guaranteeing uninterrupted service, and extending our success to optimising their electricity portfolio.

This case study underscores the power of enduring relationships and skilful negotiation. Our longstanding partnership played a key role, in earning trust and commitment.

By nurturing supplier relationships, we secured favourable terms, providing stability during market changes. Our commitment remains to provide comprehensive solutions for our partners.

Curious about how we navigated market volatility to ensure uninterrupted gas supplies for our client? Read the full case study here: