by | Mar 18, 2024 | All News

As today is Global Recycling Day, we reflect on our own recycling efforts. Over the past year, we have taken significant steps to elevate our recycling practices. During that time, we have faced challenges that will resonate with many businesses, particularly those in business parks —limited recycling resources, mixed materials complicating separation, and a lack of comprehensive collection services.  To add to these challenges, despite contributing significantly less to waste resources, our service charges are equally distributed among all occupiers in the business park.  These are challenges we know many occupiers face in the UK, highlighting the need for a cultural shift towards sustainability and enhanced tenant engagement.

We believe that a much-needed revolution in sustainability begins with fostering a culture of awareness and engagement. By collaboratively working towards a common goal, we can overcome the challenges.

During the past year, we’ve seen impactful results through the following efforts:

  • Increased Engagement with our Managing Agent: To understand the future plans for sustainability initiatives.
  • Office Recycling Infrastructure: We’ve invested in and installed bin-specific options in our office, enabling us to efficiently separate recyclables into specific categories.
  • Measurement for Impact: We measure the weight of our bins before disposal at the central business park bin location. This ongoing measure allows us to identify our biggest waste contributors, aiding in auditing, targeting, and influencing the most impactful waste sources.

Let’s turn challenges into opportunities, raise awareness, and collectively contribute to a brighter, more sustainable future for all. Happy Global Recycling Day!