Our mission is to empower our clients with the knowledge, tools, and strategies needed to easily navigate the intricate world of energy and sustainability

Your strategy needs to start with where you are now, to prioritise where to reduce, eliminate and offset emissions.

Starting your net zero journey, or even knowing where to start, can seem daunting, but small changes can create significant results. At Carbonxgen, our five net zero principles will help to guide and shape your business strategy to achieve your Net Zero Carbon targets.
Starting Your Net Zero Journey

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Net Zero

Five Net Zero Principles

Go Green

The aim is to purchase the least amount of energy from the grid, reducing emissions, and costs and improving security of supply. Considering the source of energy used is crucial. Explore possibilities for on-site or local generation and adopt them where feasible. In cases where this isn’t viable, responsible purchasing decisions for green energy, such as 100% REGO-backed contracts, ensure a carbon-neutral approach.


Achieving Net Zero Carbon involves reducing emissions as much as possible and offsetting any remaining emissions through projects removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. Waiting for reduction targets to be met isn’t necessary to start the offsetting journey.

Five Net Zero Principles


Start your strategy by measuring your carbon footprint. Collecting data is essential. Robust monitoring, effective data collection and continuous improvement in data accuracy are key to its success. We’ll work with you to set informed targets to evaluate progress towards both short and long-term business objectives.


Implement measures to reduce energy consumption and GHG emissions across your business’s operations and supply chain. Through the implementation of low-carbon technologies, engagement with the supply chain, and encouragement of staff, you will start to realise reductions across scope 1, scope 2, and scope 3 emissions. These achievements not only support your journey toward Net Zero Carbon but also yield operational benefits, including brand enhancement and risk mitigation.


Encouraging everyone you engage with to think about the environmental impact of their activities can achieve results way beyond that which you control. Embarking on your net zero journey and educating your stakeholders will have a positive impact, not only on our environment but also on your staff, your brand, your stakeholders and the wider community.

Energy can be a complicated world. It’s our job to make it simple.

Simplifying Energy


The journey to net zero has started and will be a continuous process. Only when you have reached net zero will you have done enough, but inevitably as the environment and your business changes, the cycle will need to be repeated. Collaboration with your stakeholders and the right net zero partner, such as Carbonxgen will ensure that net zero is embedded into your business culture.

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With three decades of experience in the property sector, we are the preferred choice for managing agents and the commercial real estate industry. However, we have a diverse range of clients for the net zero carbon journey, spanning financial services, engineering, consultants, and legal professionals.

If your business seeks net zero carbon support, contact Carbonxgen, and our expert consultants will assist you every step of the way. Start your Net Zero journey confidently with Carbonxgen. Together, let’s pave the way toward a sustainable future. Contact us today to get started.

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Case studies

Topland Group’s Journey Towards Net Zero

Topland Group’s Journey Towards Net Zero

Topland Group is one of the UK’s largest privately owned investment companies and has been leading the way in a low-carbon economy for many years

Accessing Carbon Footprint & Supporting Sustainability Efforts

Accessing Carbon Footprint & Supporting Sustainability Efforts

Our client seeked to comprehensively evaluate its environmental impact and identify opportunities for sustainable improvements across its operations

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Embracing SECR compliance will unlock the power of data.


We provide advanced metering solutions that cover all types of meters, resulting in improved energy management.


Simplifying your showcasing of environmentally friendly credentials


Manage your energy, comply with regulation and cut your costs.


Become compliant and optimise your savings.

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Whether you need help cutting costs, support with compliance or are on your journey to Net-Zero, Carbonxgen is here to help you reach and exceed your goals.

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