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The government continues to introduce legislation to encourage businesses to reduce emissions in line with its global, legal commitments. Our in-house compliance team has extensive knowledge and experience in supporting businesses in all areas of energy legislation compliance. Our strong links with the governing bodies responsible for legislation enable us to protect your business now and in the future, through an interdependent energy action plan.

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Building Compliance

Heat networks (metering and billing) regulations

Legislation affecting communal systems for heating and cooling came into force on 18th December 2014. Download Datasheet

Energy performance certificate (EPC)

An EPC provides a guide to a building’s energy efficiency capability, rating it from A to G. Download Datasheet

Smart meters on all energy supplies by 2020

All supplies will have smart meters installed and be monitored and billed through automatic meter readings. Download Datasheet

Electrical installation condition report (EICR)

An EICR provides an assessment of the electrical installations in domestic and commercial premises. Download Datasheet

Display energy certificate (DEC)

A DEC is an operational energy rating which benchmarks the actual energy use of a building. Download Datasheet

P272 - Mandatory HH settlement for pc 05-08

Electricity Supplies with profiles of 05-08 will be settled on HH Data starting 5th November 2015. Download Datasheet

TM44 Air Conditioning Inspections (ACI)

Regulations require building owners to undertake regular inspections of air conditioning units over 12kW. Download Datasheet

Building network operator responsibilities

A BNO is responsible for the design, installation and maintenance of the building electrical network. Download Datasheet

Portable appliance testing (PAT)

Portable appliance testing is the examination of electrical equipment to ensure they are safe to use. Download Datasheet

Gas safety inspection certification

A Gas Safety Inspection certifies that all pipe work, gas appliances and flues installed in a property are safe. Download Datasheet

Organisation Compliance

Streamlined Energy and Carbon Reporting (SECR)

Qualifying companies must disclose their energy and carbon emissions from 1st April 2019, covering financial reporting years starting on or after this date. Read More

Minimum Energy Efficiency Standard (MEES)

New leases for privately rented property with EPC ratings below E will be unlawful from 2018; existing leases will be affected from 2020 in domestic and 2023 in commercial premises. Download Datasheet

Energy savings opportunities scheme

Phase 2 is now underway – Large enterprises in the UK are to undertake energy audits before December 2019. Download Datasheet

Mandatory carbon reporting

LSE Companies are required to include greenhouse gas emissions from global operations in Annual Reports. Download Datasheet

Carbon reduction commitment (CRC)

Large businesses must buy allowances to offset carbon emissions with significant non-compliance penalties. Download Datasheet

Water retail market deregulation 2017

As of April 2017, business users are now able to choose their water supplier and negotiate on cost. Download Datasheet

Compliance Resources

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Carbonxgen delivers in-house training on all energy related topics including energy management and compliance. All of our trainers are experts in their field and have many years of hands-on, practical experience in the industry.

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