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Our advanced metering solutions cover every type of meter (gas, electricity, heat, water, oil and steam) leading to improved energy management and tighter controls on spending. We recommend the solution that best fits your requirements and can manage the entire process including design, installation, commissioning and verification.

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Meter Strategy Design

The bottom line impact of incompatible metering systems is significant; it is vital that an effective metering strategy is implemented which takes into consideration the intricacies of each building and the operational objectives of the system. Our strategic review of metering design results in documentation that outlines recommendations and observations on implementing best practice, whether the system is for tenant recharging, energy management or both. Ensuring compliance requirements have been met also forms a fundamental part of our design strategies, for example ensuring the use of legally compliant MID approved meters for billing, ensuring HNR obligations are met, and meeting the minimum requirements of Part L Building Regulations.

Meter Installations

Where metering is installed incorrectly, inaccuracies can go undetected for years. We install electrical and mechanical meters, using our approved electrical technicians, gas safe engineers and mechanical technicians for all installations ensuring a very high standard of delivery. We also offer diagnostic surveys where it is believed meters may have been installed incorrectly with the cause of the problem and required solution proving difficult to confirm.

Meter Commissioning / Independent Validation

The majority of problems which arise from metering, trace back to the incorrect installation, programming or maintenance of meters. Such issues are commonplace on new build construction projects. We carry out a series of independent meter commissioning checks for new meter projects, post installation, to ensure that meters will record accurately, providing quality assurance and certification to evidence this. For businesses that fall under the Heat Network (Metering and Billing) Regulations 2014, where heat meters already exist there is a legal requirement to maintain them and use them for accurate billing.

Meter Verification Surveys

There is often a lack of clarity over which meters serve which tenants within multi-let buildings, leading to inaccurate recovery of service charge costs, or a lack of understanding when interpreting data for energy management purposes. Our meter verification survey independently verifies the area that each electrical meter is serving and confirms the electrical sub distribution arrangements. The output includes an up to date meter schedule and full schematic drawings. Where there are concerns over accuracy of meter we can also offer meter accuracy validation.

Meter Operator (MOP) and Data Collection (DC) contracts

It is a requirement for all half hourly (HH) supplies to have Meter Operator (MOP) and Data Collection Services (DCS) agreement in place; if left to the supplier, the cost of these services will become uncompetitive and access to data can be problematic. Our management of this process will reduce costs, provide you ownership of the meter and data and improve your procurement power.

Smart Meters

Also known as AMR (Automated Meter Reading), smart meters are devices that allow the remote collection of usage data for charging purposes. These may be mains supply meters or check meters designed for tenant recharging.  Smart meters provide effective monitoring, which offers a number of benefits including accurate data and improved billing. We advocate the installation of smart meters in multi tenanted buildings to ensure that billing to tenants is accurate and auditable whilst providing usage data to drive energy efficiency.

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Training Workshops

Carbonxgen delivers in-house training on all energy related topics including energy management and compliance. All of our trainers are experts in their field and have many years of hands-on, practical experience in the industry.

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