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We take our responsibility to the environment very seriously and believe that the use of natural resources by organisations should be done so responsibly thus reducing costs, pollution and the depletion of precious non-replaceable resources.
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ISO 14001

Environmental management should be integrated into the operation of every organisation ensuring the impact of activities is understood, your business complies with legislation and you can demonstrate a commitment to continual improvement. We will provide you with an Energy Champion to support you with the implementation of an Energy Action Plan and ensure senior management support the environmental management strategy.

Carbon Disclosure Project

The measurement and disclosure of greenhouse gas emissions and climate change data is an increasingly important aspect of business operations. Participating in this not-for-profit scheme helps companies develop a climate change strategy through gathering information about their own greenhouse gas emissions, addressing the opportunities and threats climate change brings, identifying energy efficiencies, benchmarking against similar businesses and engaging with key stakeholders through transparent data reporting.

CSR Reporting and Benchmarking Schemes

There is a growing appreciation from businesses to the importance of minimising environmental impact. Companies are striving to be more ethical by understanding their own carbon footprint and using that data to set reduction targets. It is also important to be able to demonstrate environmental impact to key stakeholders including the general public. We support businesses in a number of reporting and benchmarking schemes including GRESB, the Carbon Disclosure Project and Mandatory Carbon Reporting.

Water Audits

The water market can be complex to navigate with charging schemes that vary from one supplier to another. Our water experts provide you with clarity and recommendations on reducing cost, driving efficiency, conserving the water you use and reducing costs. Our water audits cover the full spectrum of water analysis from billing and tariff reviews, through to data analysis and metering opportunities, through to site audits and identification of retrofit technology opportunities.

Stakeholder Engagement

At the heart of any effective energy management strategy is a stakeholder engagement strategy to facilitate behavioural change and in turn reduce energy costs and emissions. Success relies on the engagement of all parties from investors to employees to clients to suppliers. We support businesses in fostering buy-in at every level through a number of measures to ensure and demonstrate that benefit is the result of co-ordinated interdependent activities.

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Training Workshops

Carbonxgen delivers in-house training on all energy related topics including energy management and compliance. All of our trainers are experts in their field and have many years of hands-on, practical experience in the industry.

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